Our Vision

To be the national Society and professional home for medical and biological engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our Mission

To introduce, promote and advance the theory and practice of engineering sciences and technology to medicine and biology, serving as a forum for information exchange between healthcare professionals, scientists, and the general public.

About Us

Medical and Biological Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina (DMBIUBIH) is a non-profit organization, professional society for Medical and Biological (Biomedical) Engineering. Founded in March 2014, by the small group of enthusiastic engineering and doctors, the Society now has more than 80 active Members and is continiously growing.

Members of the Society are university professors, doctors, engineers and technicians in the field of medicine and engineering, as well as students, young people with intrest to this field.

DMBIUBIH serves as the lead society and professional home for biomedical engineering and bioengineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our leadership in introducing and improving this field in our country, publications, scientific meetings, and diversity initiatives, as well as our commitment to ethics, and networking serve our mission to promote and enhance knowledge and education in biomedical engineering and bioengineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Balkan region, and its utilization for human health and well-being.

Members of the Society activly participate in numerous scientific events and conferences.

From 2015, DMBIUBIH became member of International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE).


  • In 2015, DMBIUBIH organized the First Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main idea of the Conference was „Expand your horizonts throught biomedical engineering.“ DMBIBIH has a goal to make this event - the Annual International Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering, major national and regional, interdisciplinary event which will result in publishing proceedings that will be an important reference for the field. This Conference is uniqe and significant since this is the only conference in this field in Balkan region.
  • In 2015, Members of the Society implemented the project „Mutual future based on mutual intrests“, supported by UNSECO, UNICEF and UNDP. More than 1000 young people, from all around Bosnia and Herzegovina, were introduced with biomedical engineering throught creative workshops, focus groups, seminars and summer school with professionals in the field of engineering, medicine, biology. It was shown to these young people that Bosnia and Herzegovina has researches, scientist and professionals in this filed that is, according to many sources, filed of future.

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